The protection of personal data is very important for Logistika Pluss OÜ and we give it full consideration.

Our privacy policy describes which data we collect when you visit our homepage and apply for a job; on which purposes are the collected data used; how long we retain the data and what your rights are in relation to the collected data.

An employee has a right to obtain information on the purpose, for which your personal data is processed,[LM1]  as well as other relevant information, in order to ensure fair and transparent processing of personal data. One possibility to obtain the information is to read this privacy policy, which describes how and why we process your personal data.

Data controller

Company name: Logistika Pluss OÜ

Address: Punane 73, Tallinn 13619

Phone (+372) 622 4600

E-mail: info@logistikapluss.ee

Homepage: www.logistikapluss.ee

Collecting and processing data

1. Visiting the homepage

We use Google Analytics for monitoring homepage visits. We collect and retain the data about which pages of Logistika Pluss you visit, the time and duration of visit, the used operating system, browser, service provider’s information and information on the pages and search engines you used to reach our homepage.

We do not associate IP addresses with persons. We use the data for the purpose of continuous development of our homepage.

2. Applying for a job via homepage

Personal data, such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address and other information, is collected only when filling in the CV form upon voluntary application for a job or sending the CV file through the homepage.

In the application process, we use the data which the candidates themselves have voluntarily presented either in their CV, job application, letter of motivation or the form for applying for the job.

When applying for a job via homepage, we may ask the candidate additional data, in which the company has legitimate interest based on the specific employment relationship with a purpose of assessing the professional suitability of the candidate to the vacant position.

3.   Retention of data

Information on the homepage traffic is retained without a term.

The data and job application forms of the candidates who were not selected, are retained by the HR department after the end of the recruitment competition for the term of one month as of making the recruitment decision, after which the paper-based data will be destroyed and electronic data and information in the recruitment portal deleted.

We retain at the HR department the data of the best candidates, who were not selected, for six months with a purpose of making offers to the unsuccessful candidates for participating in future competitions provided that we have received a separate consent for that.

The data of those applying for a job via homepage are retained on the same principles - data of unsuitable candidates for one month and data of the best candidates for six months with a purpose of making future job offers for vacant positions.

The data of candidates who were selected, are used for the conclusion of the employment contract. Upon need, we ask additional data from the person. The terms and conditions of processing the employees’ data are stipulated in the handbook of procedures and internal work procedure rules and the employees’ privacy policy.

A candidate has a right to get information and access its data at the HR department on the purposes of collecting the data and on which data has been collected on the candidate.

A candidate has a right to withdraw their consent at any time, by contacting the HR department, after which the data related to this person will be deleted from the database.

4.   Forwarding the data

Logistika Pluss does not forward your personal data to third persons. The data may be forwarded only to a person or establishment who has direct statutory right and justified need for that.

5.   Your rights concerning your personal data

You have a right to:

  • access the personal data on you;
  • demand rectification, supplementation or deletion of personal data;
  • request transfer of personal data.

In certain cases, you have the right to demand restriction of processing the personal data on you and the right to object processing of your personal data.

In order to exercise your rights, you should send a respective request to Logistika Pluss at info@logistikapluss.ee

If you feel that your rights have been violated, please contact us at info@logistikapluss.ee


Valid from: 25 May 2018

Last modified: 25 July 2018


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