36 000+ m²
2 Logistics hubs


years of experience

99,6% delivery exellence

Production support solutions

As a strategic partner we provide resources leverage before, during and after production.

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Warehouse services 

There are about 41 000 pallet places in our warehouses. In addition to usual pallet storage places we also use dedicated shelves and lifts for smaller goods and quantities.

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Customs services 

We have long-term and extensive experience in managing trade flows with non-EU countries. We offer all services related with customs.

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Your partner in logistics and industrial solutions

With international ISO certifications, we are dedicated in providing logistical solutions to large international electronics companies, as well as providing full warehousing and customs services to importers and manufacturers.

We’ve developed and implemented an integrated management system that follows the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015We have authorized consignor / consignee authorization, simplified customs clearance permission and AEOF (Authorized Economic Operator Full) certificates.

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